Business English > Pre-Intermediate

Business English > Pre-Intermediate

Rivolto a: Coloro che hanno giĆ  una base di inglese e hanno bisogno di migliorare la comunicazione in inglese in un contesto lavorativo.

Livello: Pre-intermedio

Durata: 60 ore

Programma Didattica:




Unit 1

Introduce Someone
Start a business conversation

Present Simple
Past Simple

Unit 2

Open an informal presentation
Close an informal presentation

Defining relative clauses
Wh- information questions

Unit 3

Explain how you do your job
Develop a conversation

Present Simple and Present Continuous
Must and have to

Unit 4

Make a schedule
Ask someone to do something

Will (+ probably, definitely)

Unit 5

Get a progress update
Give a progress update

Present Perfect for News
Present Perfect for other uses

Unit 6

Build rapport
Close a conversation

Verb tenses review
Present Continuous for future meaning; going to; will

Unit 7

Receive a call
Deal with incoming calls

Countable and uncountable nouns
Polite questions with Could you tell me..

Unit 8

Explain a procedure
Explain how to do something

Present Simple Passive
Zero conditional

Unit 9

Take a visitor to a canteen
Take a visitor to a restaurant

Language of location
Offers and requests

Unit 10

Motivate the team
Give constructive criticism

Modals of probability
Adjectives and adverbs of manner; suggesting

Unit 11

Get information on the phone
Check that you understand

Verbs + prepositions; adjectives + prepositions
Gerunds and infinitives

Unit 12

Make a decision
Explain a decision

First conditional
Comparatives and superlatives

Unit 13

Help someone with a problem
Find out about a problem

Too and not… enough
Present Perfect review

Unit 14

Deal with a problem and recommending action
Solve a communication problem

Quantifiers: both of, neither of, all of, none of, most of, half of, a few of, some of
Simple reporting verbs: say, tell, ask

Unit 15

Thank people

Formal and informal language
Second conditional