Business English > Intermediate

Business English > Intermediate

Rivolto a: Chi ha bisogna di consolidare lo studio di inglese per un applicazione legata all'ambito lavorativo.

Livello: Intermedio

Durata: 60 ore

Programma Didattico:




Unit 1

Introductions and greetings.
Welcoming a visitor

Tense review
Present Simple and Present Continuous
Action and state verbs

Unit 2

Answering the phone
Making and changing appointments
Company and job profile

Past Simple and Present Perfect Simple   review
used to + infinitive
Subject and object questions

Unit 3

Giving opinions
Agreeing and disagreeing
Participating in a meeting or discussion

Comparative and superlative adjectives
 Relative clauses

Unit 4

Advice and suggestions

Present and past trends: Present Continuous, Past Simple
Adjectives and adverbs

Unit 5

Leaving recorded messages
Stressing important information

Passive: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect Simple, Past Simple, Will Future

Unit 6

Requests and offers
Exchanging information

Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect

Unit 7

Giving talks and presentations

Modal verbs: must/mustn’t/needn’t, have to/need to

Unit 8

Types of business communication

Present Continuous, be going to + infinitive, will + infinitive

Unit 9

Writing emails

Time clauses
1st and 2nd conditionals
Expressing probability

Unit 10

Describing a process
Interviewing techniques

Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous
Time phrases

Unit 11

Business correspondence

3rd Conditional
Should have (done)/ shouldn’t have (done)

Unit 12

Social responses
Common expressions
Saying goodbye

Reporting spoken language: statements, questions, orders, and requests