Business English > Upper Intermediate

Business English > Upper Intermediate

Rivolto a: Chi ha bisogna di perfezionare la lingua e affrontare le tematiche più sofisticate in ambito lavorativo.

Livello: Alto Intermedio

Durata: 60 ore

Programma Didattico:




Unit 1

Making and discussing initial suggestions on the phone.
Making arrangements

Tense review

Unit 2

Starting a work relationship
Communicating with a different department by email; phoning potential contacts

Talking about the past: Present Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Simple, Past Perfect

Unit 3

A phone conference
Turn-giving and turn-taking

Talking about the present: Present Simple, Present Continuous

Unit 4

Offering, accepting and declining

Talking about the future: be going to, will, Future Perfect, Future Continuous, Present Simple

Unit 5

Chairing a meeting

Narrative tenses: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, Past Perfect Continuous

Unit 6

Making arrangements

Modal verbs: obligation, necessity and permission;
Modal verbs: speculating, expressing certainty and possibility

Unit 7


Conditional: Zero, 1st, 2nd
Functions using if

Unit 8

Giving and reacting to bad news
Proposing solutions

Past modals
3rd Conditional and Mixed Conditional

Unit 9

Expressing appreciation and disapproval

Defining and non-defining relative clauses
Relative clauses and quantifiers
I wish / if only…

Unit 10

Wrapping up and reviewing a project