Business English > Elementare

Business English > Elementare

Rivolto a: Chi ha necessità di imparare la lingua in un contesto business già dal principio.

Livello: Elementare

Durata: 60 ore

Programma Didattico:




Unit 1

Meet and introduce someone
 Welcome a visitor

be (positive); contractions with is and are 
be questions and short answers

Unit 2

Talk about your job
Ask someone about their job

Present Simple; have and have to 
Present Simple yes/no and information questions

Unit 3

Explain your Department’s organization
Find out more about a team

Present Simple 3rd person; collocations: responsible for, reports to, etc.
Present Simple yes/no and information questions; negatives

Unit 4

Ask for information
Check information

Yes/no questions; have; there is/there are 
Simple requests; can; would like

Unit 5

Ask for and follow directions
Give directions

Location: prepositions of place
Giving directions: imperatives

Unit 6

Describe a product
Compare products

Language for talking about products: is made of; provides; etc.
Comparatives; superlatives

Unit 7

Present a profile of your company
Find out about a company

Present Simple and Present Continuous
Review of Present Simple and Present Continuous questions; question

Unit 8

Explain company history
Ask about someone’s career

Past Simple: be, regular, and irregular verbs; time phrases: ago, etc.
Past Simple: questions

Unit 9

Solve a problem positively
Deal with a misunderstanding

Will + verb for spontaneous decisions
Asking for repetition and clarification; using linking words: so, that’s why and because

Unit 10

Deal with an incoming call
Make a call

Object pronouns; patterns with give, ask and tell 
Telephone gambits

Unit 11

Delegate tasks
Check you understand a task

Patterns with need, want and I'd like 
Making, accepting and rejecting requests

Unit 12

Explain a new procedure
Explain how to do something

Obligation: must, have to, mustn't, don’t have to 
Giving instructions; patterns with make sure, remember, forget

Unit 13

Encourage others to talk
Speak in a meeting

Asking for, giving and reacting to suggestions
Building simple arguments: conceding and adding

Unit 14

Check a schedule
Change a plan

Present Continuous with future meaning; prepositions of time
Present Continuous and future

Unit 15

Express thanks
Concluding a meeting

Goodbye, thanks and responding to thanks
Present Perfect Simple